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Vision Board

Quadro dos Desejos

Vision Board

Are you familiar with the feeling of ending the year with some of you dreams remaining in your list, waiting to be accomplished? Most people enjoy setting New Year goals. But everything that remains only in the mind hardly becomes a reality.
So, it’s enough of dreams and goals only in your imagination! Come to learn how to keep your dreams from being conquered! Come to build your vision board and learn techniques to achieve your desires!

What You Will Learn

The importance of the power of visualization.

How to create your own picture of desires using Feng Shui.

How to use the Law of Attraction to fulfill your desires.

The great secret of achievement.

You Will Receive

An essential oil, to use at home, that will help you realize your desires.

And you will also do guided meditation to amplify the accomplishment of your goals.

Get ready to live a life of many accomplishments!
Because the best way to predict your future is to create it!



Susana Surjan

Susana Surjan, is an experienced wellness advocate, yoga teacher, Reiki master and holistic therapist that is not only here to create a balance in your body, mind and spirit, but the one who can make the difference in your journey.