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3 moedas de i-Ching


The I-Ching contains practical advice for all situations. Surprisingly, if it is consulted from a divinatory point of view, the answers that are deduced from the casting of hexagrams, corresponds almost exactly to the situations in which we are in at the moment we make the question.

What I-Ching is

I-Ching originated in China, for more than 3,000 years and it is used as a manual for guidance with current issues. It´s also called the Book of Changes, since it was based on the permanent changes in nature. According to the Chinese, nature is represented by 5 elements: water, fire, wood, earth and metal. These elements determine moments of equilibrium or disharmony, depending on the relationship they establish between themselves. These occurrences were grouped into two types: Yin and Yang, opposing and complementary forces, which balances in nature. Yin represents the feminine or negative principle, characterized by the dark, the passive and the receptive. While Yang is the masculine or positive principle, characterized by the light, the warmth and the active. But that doesn’t mean Yin is bad and Yang is good. They are simply descriptions of the forces of nature.

In I-Ching, from the combination of Yang and Yin, all of the answers are founded in the book of changes.


Anyone who needs to make a decision or choose a path in their life.


60 minutes

Available in studio and Online

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