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It is normal that, sometimes, we may feel lost, unmotivated and even anxious about certain situations or stages of our lives.

Given these cases, why not help yourself through Coaching?

At B-Zen, we facilitate motivational, assertiveand positive sessions to enhance your potential and make you feel more fulfilled and focused.

Quais são os Principais Benefícios do Coaching?

Increases mastery over problem and problem solving;

Increases responsibility for actions and commitments;

Increases focus and assertiveness;

Unlocks the true potential;

Helps to establish measures to achieve goals;

Increases productivity levels;

Increases autonomy;

Increases motivation and satisfaction with life.


B-Zen’s Coaching sessions are for those who are brave enough to admit that something is missing in their life and that they have no resistance to ask for guidance.

They are also for individuals who are ready to take responsibility for themselves and their lives and who are committed to taking steps to realize their dreams.

Finally, they are for those who are willing to invest in themselves in order to significantly improve their career and life.

Duração das sessões

45-60 minutes



Also Online

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David Silva Membro da Equipa B-Zen

David Silva

When we do what we like, our energy flows in a positive way. In his sessions, David strives to create motivation, determination and positivism, always in a dynamic and fun way.

  • Coach e Personal Trainer

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