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Children’s Therapeutic Animation

Animação Infantil Terapêutica B-Zen

Animação Infantil Terapêutica

The main goal of B-Zen’s Child Therapeutic Animation Services is to provide children with tools to acquire a real awareness of their personal abilities. Thus, child psychology is worked with the purpose of promoting improvements in the level of self-esteem, fears, shame, anxiety and affections, as well as other emotional aspects of Children.

In order to achieve these objectives, therapeutic techniques of dramatic and corporal expression are used, conjugated with concepts of aromatherapy, music therapy and meditation. However, always in a playful way and that becomes, therefore, appealing to the youngest.

Key Benefits

Increase self-esteem;

Overcoming fears;

Decrease anxiety;

Overcoming shame and shyness;

Improve behaviour;

Promote the expression of affections.


Children from 5 to 12 years old.


On request


On request


B-Zen’s therapeutic child animation Services can be developed in schools, explanations centers, ATL’s, birthday parties or other type of children’s party, as well as in any other place where animation is held for children .

So, if you want our participation in a children’s party or that we organise an event in your space, please contact us.

Some of the Available Workshops

Workshop Transforma os Teus Sonhos em Realidades
Workshop Pote dos Desejos
Workshop Formação de Jovens "Guerreiros" dos Afetos
Workshop Planeta dos Afetos

Also Online

Please indicate your preferred modality in the application form.

Therapeutic Animator

Luís Arez Membro da Equipa B-Zen

Luís Arez

Coordinator and therapeutic animator of the elderly and elementary and pre-school students from the 1st to the 4th year. It conducts individual and group workshops and custom events.

  • Animador Terapêutico de Crianças e Idosos

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