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Chair Yoga for Seniors

Yoga na Cadeira para Idosos

Yoga na Cadeira para Idosos

B-Zen’s Chair Yoga for Seniors is one of the most delicate forms of yoga available, with no complicated postures or complex movements.

What is Chair Yoga?

As Yoga is a practice for all ages, this type of adapted Yoga enables its practitioners to deepen their flexibility and achieve greater physical and mental fitness.

B-Zen’s Chair Yoga respects each practitioner’s individual limits, strengthens the body’s personal awareness and offers multiple health benefits to seniors and has been shown to help in many health situations including hypertension, asthma, anxiety. and depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, vertigo, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, osteopenia, carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia, constipation, and chronic pain.

It also allows its practitioners to reduce stiffness and find more energy for their daily lives.

What are the main benefits of Chair Yoga for seniors?

Visible improvements in health and sleep quality;

Reduction of stiffness and relief of chronic pain;

Increased energy and flexibility;

Development of memory and creativity;

Increased self esteem;

Increased control over emotions;

Detachment from unpleasant memories of the past;

Improvement in situations of depression and reduction of mental suffering;

Greater independence in the basic tasks of everyday life;

Improved acceptance of life situations.


Seniors with little mobility.


Do not eat before sessions.

Wear comfortable clothing.


40 minutes/class


Em grupo

1x/semana – 35€/mês

2x/semana – 55€/mês

3x/semana – 70€/mês

Aula Avulso – 11€/aula



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Susana Surjan Fundadora da B-Zen

Susana Surjan

Susana Surjan, is an experienced wellness advocate, Yoga teacher, Reiki master and holistic therapist that is here not only to create a balance in your body, mind and spirit, but is the one who can make the difference in your journey.



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