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Aromatherapy with B-Zen


After analyzing the situation and perceiving the origin of physical and/or emotional discomforts, the appropriate aromatic compounds are recommended.


One’s well-being can be characterized not only by the absence of disease, but also in feeling well and enjoying life. The way we feel, physically, mentally and emotionally, determines the state of our general health and well-being. One can say that our health is our most precious asset, since it affects the way we feel, think, move, interact, progress and achieve what we desire. When we don’t feel well, all the other aspects in our life will suffer an impact.

Practicing bad habits may put people at a higher risk of developing virtually all physical and mental illnesses. According to the American Institute of Mental Health, 75 to 90% of all medical consultations in the United States, are due to illnesses or complaints related to stress. Often, life events such as a divorce, loss of a loved one, financial problems or the birth of a child, when combined with genetic or biological predispositions can trigger stress-related crises. Our culture often encourages us to depend on physicians/doctors, medicines and health systems to resolve and heal physical and emotional discomforts. It is already widely known and accepted by the medical community, that acquired behaviours and lifestyle choices such as poor stress management, inadequate nutrition, no physical exercise, insufficient hours of sleep, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption are the main factors for triggering diseases and decreasing the quality of life.

Modern medicine tends to be fixed on the diagnosis and treatment, while a healthy lifestyle focuses on education, consciousness and prevention. Instead of treating only diseases, a healthy lifestyle addresses the causes that lie behind the disease and its symptoms. Our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, habits and choices, feeds on the fires of inflammation, pain, toxicity and disease of the body. Focusing on what causes the problem rather than merely treating the symptoms, one can help the body to heal itself.

The wave of the future is in Integrative Medicine, where allopathic treatments work together with alternative and non-traditional practices to treat the person as a whole, instead of only treating the disease. So that patients and practitioners form a partnership in aiming to treat the mind, the body and the spirit, all in conjunction.

Our body is able to heal itself naturally. Most of the time, there is no need for synthetic medicines to cure illnesses, but, simply the necessary support needed to help it to do what it was created for. The key to well-being is to simply learn what can help the body and then give it what it needs. This will lead to a lasting cure and a continued state of well-being.

In these consultations, it is analysed in detail the situation of the person, by trying to perceive the origin of the physical and/or emotional discomfort, afterwards it is given advisement on which aromatic compounds are recommended for the situation/situations in question, as well as the appropriate way to use them.


Anyone can benefit from the use of essential oils that are 100% pure and therapeutic, whether it’s to solve or improve physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues, or simply, for using natural alternatives rather than using day-to-day products.


60 minutes

Available in studio and Online

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