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Yoga (Hatha Yoga)

Hatha Yoga B-Zen

Yoga (Hatha Yoga)

by Susana Surjan

It is a scientifically proven fact that Yoga practice promotes balance and well-being at all levels, slows down aging and provides the natural development of human creativity.

What is Yoga?

In the west, most people identify Yoga as a set of physical postures, which brings countless benefits to the body and to breathing. However, Yoga is not limited to that.

Yoga is a complete educational method for life, which proposes practices of ethical values, mental virtues, physical postures and meditation, providing consistent elements for a person to build his life with more presence and quality.

The regular practice that we promote at B-Zen enables many physical and mental benefits, helping to liberate tensions, both physically and mentally, and promoting calmness, balance, concentration and access to deeper energy reserves.

At an emotional level, the practice reduces emotional issues to its true dimension. It also develops the maturity to resolve matters in a serene manner and with minimal energy consumption.

Morally, it develops ethical and moral principles indispensable to the self-realization of being and the relationship with others, transmitting values such as patience and forgiveness.

Spiritually, this practice builds awareness of the body, feelings, the surrounding world and the needs of others. By fostering the interdependence between body, mind and spirit, yoga teaches to live the concept of oneness.

What are the benefits of Yoga?

A natural way of improving your health;

Relieves stress and reduces anxiety;

Enhances the personal healing experience;

Increases energy, vitality and quality of life;

Helps to achieve inner peace;

Promotes spiritual growth.


50 minutes/class

1 class per week


Group: 30 €/month or 10 €/class

Individual: 40€/class

Also Online

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Susana Surjan Fundadora da B-Zen

Susana Surjan

Susana Surjan, is an experienced wellness advocate, Yoga teacher, Reiki master and holistic therapist that is here not only to create a balance in your body, mind and spirit, but is the one who can make the difference in your journey.

  • Consultora de Bem-Estar, Professora de Yoga, Mestre de Reiki e Terapeuta

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