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Pilates is a technique that consists of a conscious control of all the muscular movements of the body. It allows you to stretch, re-educate breathing, strengthen muscles and improve concentration.
The main feature of B-Zen Pilates classes is that they are unique and targeted to each student.

What is Pilates and what is it for?

Pilates is an exercise system with a focus on working in the abdominal area (what its creator Joseph Pilates calls the “center of strength”) and spinal mobility, whose main goal is to develop complete body coordination, mind and spirit.

Physical exercise of this modality, when practiced frequently and regularly, exponentially improves fitness, increasing endurance and strength.

In addition to helping to release tension, Pilates teaches you how to breathe properly, a fundamental factor to be able to deal with stress in any day-to-day situation. This allows the class member to achieve mental control and to internalize positive thinking. Some research even suggests that the practice is directly related to relieving problems such as depression, anxiety and even binge eating.

Pilatespractice is also associated with a leaner and more toned body. Its regular practice helps to lose weight because it speeds up metabolism and favors the formation of muscles, which increase caloric expenditure (even when stationary). Results can be seen at the end of the first month of classes.

Because it is based on stretching, Pilates can also help alleviate both back and muscle pain. This is because this technique strengthens the core of muscles that support the back, keeping us aligned. It is therefore common for doctors and physiotherapists to recommend their practice for this purpose.

Because of all this, Pilates can provide better quality of life, better health, better mood and more happiness.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

Relieves muscle pain and prevents injuries;

Strengthens the body without leaving it excessively muscular;

Improves physical condition;

Increases stamina and strength;

Relieves stress;

It is an excellent ally in weight loss.

With 10 sessions you will notice the difference; with 20 sessions others will notice the difference; and with 30 sessions you will have a new body. - Joseph Pilates


60 minutes/class


In group:

1x/week – €35/month

Single Class – €11/class




Also Online

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Event Hours(1)

  • Thursday

    19.30 - 20.30

    Clube do Movimento

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