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Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation

by Susana Surjan

Through Guided Meditation, it is possible to lead the mind in order to empower its action and trigger positive situations.

Human mind has the power to act on the whole body, being able to balance each cell and change its register. This power is demonstrated, for example, through the Placebo effect, a scientifically proven phenomenon.

In the same way, the mind also acts on our energy field.

B-Zen’s guided meditations will always have specific themes, which can be directed to the personal needs of each practitioner.

What are the benefits of Guided Meditation?

Improve your health in a natural way;

Relieves stress and reduces anxiety;

Enhances the personal healing experience;

Increases energy, vitality and quality of life;

Helps to achieve inner peace;

Promotes spiritual growth.


50 minutes


Group: 30 €/month or 10 €/class

Individual: 40 €

Also Online

Please indicate your preferred modality in the application form.


Susana Surjan

Susana Surjan, is an experienced wellness advocate, Yoga teacher, Reiki master and holistic therapist that is here not only to create a balance in your body, mind and spirit, but is the one who can make the difference in your journey.

  • Consultora de Bem-Estar, Professora de Yoga, Mestre de Reiki e Terapeuta

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