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Improve your wellness, promoting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

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B-Zen is offering an endless stream of opportunities to exhilarate the experience of physical and mental wellbeing. We are waiting to provide soothingly relaxing services to give you a new sensation and a stronger feel.

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It is important that you live to your fullest. Following a healthy lifestyle won’t just give you a long life, but it’ll keep you in perfect shape in your youth as well as in old age.

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News, articles, feature stories, reviews, insights, information and more in all disciplines of health and wellbeing, as well as a look at activities we support at B-Zen.

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Do you need safe, effective, and affordable health solutions?


Would you like to be retreated from your chaotic and busy life?

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Why not live your life in a healthy way, so that you can enjoy yourself?

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B-Zen helps you to have better balance and quell the fluctuation of mind to slow down the mental frustration, stress, regret, anger or fear.

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Premium Services

We provide certified quality services and value to our customers by being efficient and effective at all times.

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Certified Professionals

We only work with certified professionals to ensure the highest level of quality in our products and services.

Programas Personalizados B-Zen
Personalized / Tailored Programs

We know there’s no one-size-fits-all path. That’s why we’re committed to customize a plan that is designed to your own and unique personal goals.

Happy Clients

Hannah June testemunho sobre a B-Zen

I had Distant Reiki with Susana Surjan to help me heal a situation. She is really great to work with and I've seen positive improvements in the area of focus. Thank you so much.

Hannah June

(United Kingdom)
Eduardo Baena testemunho sobre a B-Zen

David Silva: com Profissionalismo e dedicação conseguem-se os objectivos a alcançar, ainda mais quando existe perseverança na objectividade...

Eduardo Baena

Reformado (Portugal)
Joana Chamusca

Tenho recebido Reiki através da terapeuta Susana Surjan. O seu profissionalismo e simpatia são extremos e tenho-me sentido muito mais calma e equilibrada, com alívio do stress do dia-a-dia e com mais ponderação, mesmo nas situações mais adversas.

Joana Chamusca

Diretora de Recursos Humanos (Portugal)
Martin Costa testemunho sobre a B-Zen

O David Silva é um grande Pt e amigo. Pessoa 5* com imensa experiencia e capacidade motivacional!! A 6 meses que estou a ser acompanhado e so posso dizer maravilhas do seu profissionalismo. Recomendo!!!

Martin Costa

Supervisor (Portugal)
Fabio Andrade Testemunho sobre a B-Zen

Um dos melhores personal, continua assim david, força e foco, tudo se conquista

Fabio Andrade


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Other than the health benefits and creating harmony between body, mind, and spirit, our services can help you to improve the coordination, reaction time, memory and even IQ scores.

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